St Mary-at-Hill

Church for Billingsgate

St Mary-at-Hill Church


We are delighted you are visiting this website and hope to be able to welcome you to St Mary-at-Hill itself. The Church is open 10.00-1600 Tuesday-Friday.

Wren, Tallis, Mundy, Carlisle, Hooke and Beckett – the church is a must see tapestry of City of London history.

Today the church offers a haven from the hectic life of the City outside. However, we are firmly a part of the City of London and play a vital role for those who work here or are just passing through.

Life here at St Mary-at-Hill revolves around worship, as it has on this site for over a thousand years. You are welcome to join us and our services are open to the public and our congregations include people from all over the world. Whether you are Anglican (Episcopalian), or of another Christian Church or of another faith, or seeking or doubting, you are warmly welcome to take part. We have a weekly Wednesday service at 1.00pm and our friends and colleagues in the Lutheran Church meet here on Sundays.

Recitals are held every Tuesday and Friday at 1.15pm.

Children can learn about St Mary-at-Hill with our new Children's Leaflet!

Bishop of London licenses
Revd Rose Hudson-Wilkin
at St Mary-at-Hill Church

The Bishop of London, the Rt Revd & Rt Hon Richard Chartres, joined 200 guests at a ceremony at St Mary-at-Hill Church in the City of London, as he led the service for the licensing of the Revd Rose Hudson-Wilkin as the Priest-in-Charge of the church.

Speaking after the event, Revd Rose Hudson-Wilkin said: "This is a new chapter being opened in the life of St Mary-at-Hill and, indeed, a new chapter for me, working in the city and offering a ministry to those who work in the businesses, offices and shops that surround St Mary-at-Hill - of course combining that ministry with what I already do as the Parliamentary Chaplain. At the heart of being the Priest-in-Charge here, will be to reflect to those who come into contact with this church, something of the presence of the Prince of Peace, Jesus, whom we await this Advent season."

During the week, St Mary’s is a sanctuary among the busy streets. The versatile interior is much larger than is apparent from outside. You are invited to step in and see and share its splendour. Open to all. There are benches to sit on in the churchyard.  The area is tiny, but secluded.  The welcome inside the church is always warm.

To bring in income for our work, we let the space.  Wedding receptions, private receptions, formal or informal lunches or dinners can be accommodated.
St Mary-at-Hill is suitable for conferences, theatrical rehearsals and productions, choir and orchestra rehearsals, auditions and competitions, major concert performances, recitals and recordings. We own movable chairs, portable staging, an enviable piano and organ and have a splendid acoustic! What is not here can be hired in. To discuss a booking, contact the administrator.

Much of the original church was destroyed in the Great Fire of London (1666), but the walls and frame remained standing.  The building has survived two further major fires, and it stood unscathed through the Blitz. Although marked by its experiences, the spectacular interior retains the beauty and grace of Wren's vision.

Do note the pictures in our toilets which are twinned with loos in the Congo. Click here to read about sanitation. If the loos are shut, just ask for them to be opened.